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28th-May-2020 07:12 am - Friends Only
right upper arm tat
This journal is 90% Friends Only.

If you were on and then suddenly off, take no offense.
I either
A) did it by mistake (as some people were kind enough to mention it and I remedied the issue)

B)It's because I rarely had any sort of interaction with you

C) I found myself filtering you out consistently OR

D) You just aren't a nice person

C and D are rare cases.

So, if you are old and want back, say something. If I don't add you, I will tell you why privately.

If you are new and think "hey, she seems like a smart and cool kinda gal" then I may give it a shot.

If you friend me without saying you did, I probably won't add you back unless you come forth and ask me.

Sound ok? Cool......
Femme Dominion
I have tickets on hand for Taboo 3 on October 24th at The Castle. Only $17 and I will work out personal delivery to you providing you are not hours away :)
I have at least 20 tickets on hand right now and they are guaranteed to go fast!

Contact me at femmedominion@hotmail.com to make arrangements to purchase your tickets for the seasons BEST event!

Ok, I have to beg and plead with you all. I am in horrible financial stress. I have to get cash in to pay for my COBRA insurance like NOW. Avon happens to be having an absolutely absurdly low cost on items right now. I mean MEGA low! Orders due to me by 7/7.

Whatever you do, DO NOT ORDER ONLINE AND HAVE IT DELIVERED TO YOU DIRECTLY. I do not get credit that way. Well, I do, but like 10%. Please select rep delivery, even if you are out of state, I will ship to you for next to nothing.

I want to bring in the most orders I can this time around and only a few days to do it. Please spread the word to your friends.



I appreciate your help!

Please feel free to cut and paste and send to friends.

THANK YOU!!!!!!!
19th-Jun-2009 09:55 am - I have 5 days left for Avon - HELP!
I need to beat my last week total, so I need over $100
So please everyone, step on up and make an order.

If you are local, I will deliver. Be sure to click on "rep delivers". If you are out of state, of course have it sent over to you.

aurora I still have yours and you will have it ASAP. I have gotten tied up bad this week. Next time it won't take so long. Give me a call!

Ok everyone, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE step up and place your orders!!!!!

Thanks everyone

Getting rid of the stuff in my Mary Kay Kit!
Hurry and bid people!!! I need the cash!

2nd-Jun-2009 12:42 am - AVON CALLING!
Hey Everyone, help a girl out! I need to make some extra cash since I cannot work right now.
Avon is inexpensive but truly great stuff.
You can either order through my website OR contact me directly to save on shipping. I can deliver directly to you OR for my friends out of state, if you have an order over $25, I will ship priority to you.

Check it out! I am taking orders NOW!!!!!!! HURRY!

23rd-May-2009 11:44 pm(no subject)
Spent today with Debra, Ken's mother. Went to the florist and went over the vision of what I want. I get to see a prototype of everything later this week queenwench depending on the time, maybe you want to go?

got this mini-notebook and i cant type on it. I am returning it
2nd-Mar-2009 01:41 pm - Please Vote for 9th Evolution!!!
Femme Dominion
Hey everyone..
9th Evolution is an incredible Industrial Band from St. Pete that I do promoting for. They are to be on a national FM radio station tonight @ 9pm
"Rock Solid Pressure"
And they be one of only 5 FL bands to vote for..
Although the Tampa Music Scene is mostly Metal these days, please help out by supporting the Industrial Scene by voting for this great band. I want them to WIN! I assure you, you will not be disappointed.

Here is how to vote according to their site.

1. On the 'subject' line in your email write 'VOTE FOR...(YOUR FAVORITE)' Please do not include a letter with your vote. You can only vote once. Double votes will not be counted.

2. Email your vote to RockSolidPressure@yahoo.com

So please do send over your votes and we'll greatly appreciate it.

Just to prove a point...

Thank you.

Link to the show:

If you want to listen to 9th Evolution at any time, please check out their MySpace page at www.myspace.com/9thevolution

In addition, please contact me if you would like to purchase their double track CD for only $10.
femmedominion@hotmail.com or www.myspace.com/tampafemmedominion.

Thanks Everyone! (sorry if this was a huge post!)
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